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Here at MPM Wristbands we only supply the highest quality event wristbands & lanyards at the most affordable prices. We have customers based all over the world and in various industries so please feel free to contact us wherever you may be based.

Festival Wristbands

Festival Wristbands are becoming increasingly popular with indoor and outdoor festivals. They are the most secure type of wristband available on the market. We are seeing more and more charities adopting this product as their go to wristband for fundraising. This is because the festival fabric wristband is a popular accessory for many people.

Our festival wristbands are British manufactured in 3-5days and can be fully printed with your bespoke design and colours. We also offer a woven option that can be pantone matched with your bespoke colours and design. Both options come as a re-lockable or permanent lock option.

Event Wristbands

Similarly to festival wristbands, Tyvek paper wristbands for events provide a fast and cost effective means of uniquely ticketing individuals and groups into a restricted, private or paid event. Our high quality wristbands are durable enough to last throughout even the most robust of events and can be fully customised to suit a range of events and occasions. MPM Wristbands supply varying quantities and volumes of event wristbands for the smallest right up to the biggest events.

Security Wristbands

Security wristbands are ideal for any sensitive or secure area that needs to restrict and protect the individuals that have access to the site. Tyvek wristbands and Vinyl Wristbands are an affordable and cost effective security pass for many locations and along with lanyards can provide immediate visual recognition and authentication of an individual being allowed on site or inside a premises.