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Fabric Woven & Printed Wristbands


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Our Eco Fabric Wristbands are made in Wales, They come with a significantly less co2 footprint than other suppliers who out source their production, the locks can be recycled and are packed in biodegradable packaging. We are super proud of this product and are seeing more and more of our customers choosing this over other wristband options. We now have complete control over production, quality and turn around times whilst delivering a high end environmentally friendly Fabric Wristband.

Eco Fabric Wristbands are the most secure type of wristband we have available, they are ideal for use over a long period of time at indoor festivals and outdoor festivals and they also act as a post event advertising tool because most attendees will wear the wristband for months after the event. Recently we are seeing more and more charities and fundraisers opt for Eco Fabric Wristbands over Silicone Wristbands.

  • Size - 330mm x 15mm & 250mm x 15mm
  • Style - Woven material & printed material
  • Design - We can design these to your specification, they are fully customisable
  • Do you supply crimp guns - Yes 
  • Features - Full colour weave and print. Gold & Silver metalic fabric, Barcoding & sequence numbering
  • Please note our minimum order is 100pcs and standard turn around time is 7-10 working days. Faster production is available.

Rush production 3 - 5 day is available at an additional cost. Standard turn around is 7 - 10 working days

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