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Which wristband fastening is for you?

At MPM Wristbands, we supply various fastening designs for our fabric wristbands. Each fastening has different advantages, depending on the event it is used for.

Firstly, we have our secure-style designs. Once these fastenings have been closed, they cannot be re-opened. This design is ideal for security events such as; festivals, nightclubs and general events.

  • Plastic Popper-Lock

This fastening is the simplest secure design we supply. As the names states, pop the clip over and it simply locks into place.


  • Metal Crimp

This design is a very secure way to fasten your wristbands. It does require a crimper in order to tightly secure each wristband. Luckily we will give you a crimper free of charge, on orders of 1000 and above. Any additional crimpers will be £15 each.



Lastly, we have re-lockable design. If you are looking to take your wristbands on and off whenever you like, this style fastening is the one for you. This design is ideal for; promotional events, weddings, conventions, schools, advertising accessories and souvenirs.

  • Hollow Chrome Bead

This design is a fashionable looking re-lockable fastening. The bead simply slides up and down the wristband with ease but remains tight on the wrist when in place.


  • Release Lock

This design is re-lockable but it will remain secure until the button is pushed. Once pushed the fastening slides up and down the wristband.