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Which wristband is for you?

At MPM Wristbands, we have a large variety of wristbands to meet your criteria and purpose. Finding the right wristband for your event can be a tricky task. This blog post should help you make your mind up.

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful option, Tyvek could be the best for you. At present we stock the following colours; red, lavender, silver, gold, yellow, white, sky blue, orange, pink and green.

We recommend you utilise the print option, whether you decide to go for a full colour print or a black print. Not only does this option make your wristband more personal for it’s purpose but it is a great way to promote and advertise the cause. Within the design you could include the following; your logo, social media links, website links, contact numbers and any other information you think is relevant.


However Tyvek may not be suitable for all events. If your event lasts more than one day we recommend you look into our alternative options.

Our fabric wristbands are a very popular choice by many. We have two different styles; woven and printed. Generally printed is used when the design you require has more than four colours or is of high complexity. There are four different fastenings for these fabric wristbands, some re-lockable, some permanently fixed for security purposes (please see previous blog regarding these fastenings).


Another alternative worth looking into is the vinyl wristbands. There are two possible designs; wide face and slim face. We supply a variation of thirty-one different colour wristbands, with the possibility of the print colour to be pantone matched. This means you can have whatever colour print you like. If you are looking to give out free food and drink tokens, it is possible to have a maximum of ten tabs on the vinyl wristbands, which can be easily torn off and exchanged for goods, at your event.


Both the fabric and vinyl wristbands are ideal for longer duration events, such as festivals.

Lastly we have the silicone wristbands. If you are looking for a wristband to solely promote your business or charity, as memorabilia or as memory of any event, then look no further. We offer two fixed circumference dimensions, however this can be modified upon request. There are four possible styles; debossed (indented design), embossed (raised design), debossed ink-filled (indented with colour design) and printed (screen printed design). The colour of the wristband and the colour of the ink can also be pantone matched, allowing you to fully customize your design.