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Festival Wristbands

Festival WristbandsFestival wristbands are one of the most secure ways to control access to most events or festivals. In fact they are so popular to control access and therefore security you will find them in use at festivals such as:

  • OzzFest (Worldwide)
  • Lollapalooza (Worldwide)
  • Camden Crawl (London)
  • Coachella- legal drinking age wristbands (New Orleans, LA, USA)
  • Counterpoint Festival (Kingston Downs, GA, USA)
  • Bonnaroo – legal drinking age wristbands/campgrounds (Manchester, TN, USA)
  • Rock Wechter (Leuven, Belgium)
  • The Wickerman Festival (Dumfries & Galloway, Scottland)

But it is not only festivals that use wristbands as a means of access and security control. You will also find many of the major clubs in the world using festival wristbands. Clubs such as:

  • Tao (Las Vegas)
  • LAX Nightclub (Las Vegas)
  • Pacha (New York)
  • Pacha (Ibiza)
  • Es Paradis (Ibiza)
  • Ministry of Sound (London)

Festival Wristbands Types

It is important that the wristbands you use are fit for purpose. For example, one of our most popular wristbands is the silicone or 'rubber' wristband.

Now these may be suitable for access control in say a hotel where you prefer to give branded coloured silicone wristbands to your hotel guests as their pass to use your swimming pool but they are totally unsuitable for large events or clubs.

Why? ... Because they are interchangeable, so it would be easy for one person to remove their wristband and give it to another person to use, so you lose control.

For events, festivals, clubs, etc., where security and access control is essential then the most suitable wristbands are Tyvek wristbands.

Festival Wristband Design & Benefits

We have already covered why Tyvek wristbands are the most popular for festivals and other reasons why they are so popular include:

  • They are an easy wearable
  • Secure
  • Durable
  • Brand awareness with a custom logo or messaging
  • Easy to identify colors and designs
  • Security staff will be able to check clearance with just a glance

Festival Wristband Design Team

With our years of experience working with individuals and large organisations our design team know how to meet your requirements which is why we receive continous repeat orders from happy customers.

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