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Printed Fabric Wristbands over Woven Fabric Wristbands

Printed Fabric Wristbands over Woven Fabric Wristbands image

Even though we are still stuck in the dark winter now is the time to start planning your festival or event and top of that list is what type of Fabric Wristband shall we use, should it be a Woven Wristband or should it be a Printed Fabric Wristband.... Hopefully this article will help you decide.

Either method - Printed or Woven will deliver the same product... Woven wristbands we can have up to 8 colours in the design and they can also be pantone matched. We would only advise on using a Printed method if you had over 8 colours in your design or if it had shading or a lot of detail in it.

Below are some pictures for your reference where you can see a Printed Fabric Wristband and a Woven Fabric Wristband. Both options can use a permanent lock or relockable lock, the lock will depend on what type of event you are organising. 

If you need any further assistance or advice with your wristband order please do not hesitate to ask one of our members of staff who will happily help.

Thank you for your time.

Fabric Woven Wristband            Printed Fabric Wristband