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Make your wristband work for you!

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One thing we are always telling our customers is to make your wristband work for you! Whether it's a Fabric Wristband, Tyvek Wristband, Vinyl Wristband or a Silicone Wristband all can be put to work for you and your company, event or charity!

Each wristband has a large area for customisation, don't be afraid to capitalise on that real estate by including your socail media links, website address or the brand name, you can even try a hashtag campaign. We always advise drawing your customers back to your social media, that way they will have a constant reminder about you even when your event is over.

If you would like more advice on our products or would like to discuss incorporating them in to your marketing campaign please feel free to contact us - / Tel - 01792 425605.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and we look forward to hearing from you.