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Charity Wristbands To Help With Fundraising!

Charity Wristbands To Help With Fundraising! image

Charity Wristbands to help with fundraising!

Charity wristbands, commonly known as Silicone Wristbands are a fantastic tool for helping you raise valuable funds for your charity. Charity Wristbands can be customised in various way that suite your charity.


Picking The Correct Size For Your Charity Wristbands

When picking the correct size Charity Wristband you need to take in to consideration your target audience, who will be wearing your charity wristband? For example if your target audience are adults and children you can take two sizes of charity wristbands. For under 10 we would recommend 160mm, 170mm or 180mm, your teenagers 190mm and adults we would supply 202mm.


How to customise your charity wristbands

When customizing your charity wristbands you need to take in into consideration your charity’s brand identity and your target audience. The Charity wristband holds prime advertising real estate which you should capitalise on. When your designer is designing your charity wristbands you should advise them to include all your social media links and website address to encourage ongoing marketing.


Pricing your charity wristbands

When thinking of a price for your charity wristbands, from speaking to our customers and gathering feedback we have found that the most popular price point is £1 per wristband. Baring this in mind as long as you order over 100pcs we donate 200pcs for free on top so you would always make a profit. If you were to purchase 10.0000 Charity wristbands we would donate you 1000 charity wristbands on top free of charge. So once the wristbands are sold, your initial investment would be covered by the 1000 free.


To Summarise Your Charity Wristband Campaign

So remember guys, when creating your charity wristband campaign you must take in to consideration your target audience, what size do they require? Do you need additional sizes? What information and colours are you going to include on the charity wristband? Always stick to your brand guidelines and include your social media and online links. When pricing, people wont think twice about paying £1 for a charity wristband, you can even try pushing it to £2.


We love discussing charity wristbands so please feel free to contact us any time via phone 01792 425605 or email and we are happy to help with anything you require.