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COVID-19 Socially Distant Lanyards

COVID-19 Socially Distant Lanyards image

As the COVID-19 traffic light wristband establishes itself as a successful product for businesses who are protecting their staff's and clients personal space. We are seeing more pressure added to the private sector to keep ensuring they are constantly adhering to and reminding staff and their customers of the appropriate rules.

A Lanyard is such a simple thing to introduce and it acts as an effective tool to remind all people in the premises to remember to remain socially distant at all times.

We can custom print your own slogan or company logo on to the lanyards with quick turn around times of 3-5 days. Our in house design team and event consultants are on hand to discuss your requirements.

Reminding your staff and customers about the importance of social distancing enables them to feel safe and secure whilst at your premises. Encouraging everyone to safely come back to work and into your premises is crucial to health & safety and the economy. Do not underthink the importance of this topic and it's benefits to your staff and customers.

If you think a traffic light system or a socially distant lanyard can benefit your staff, customers or clients then please get in touch with one of our consultants today 01792 425605 or