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Covid 19 Work Safe Wristbands

COVID-19 Safe Wristband System

Moving in to 2021 we are seeing employers taking staffs, colleagues and clients personal space seriously with introducing COVID safe zones and cohorts using a COVID coloured coded wristband system.

The system can be adopted in to various work places seeing COVID wristbands used on film sets for Channel 4 & Netflix. Various offices all over the UK are adopting rotating shifts with teams in colour coded wristband groups. Even Global giants Like Amazon are adopting COVID 19 safe wristband schemes on their warehousing floor and staff shift plan.

The COVID safe wristband system is regularly complemented with a matching COVID safe coloured Lanyard to help visually and quickly identify each persons zone or cohort requirement. Both the COVID safe Lanyard and COVID Safe Wristband can be custom branded to the clients requirements.

Our Production Studio clients ordering their COVID wristbands & COVID Lanyards for the use whilst filming their films and series have opted for an extra level of security to adhere to their strict risk assessments. They have all opted for a wristband, lanyards and ID pass. The COVID Wristband signals that the individual has passed a temperature check. The COVID Lanyard signals what team or cohort they are allocated to and the ID pass states their title and name. All components are essential to a COVID safe work environment. 

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