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Making Events COVID-19 Safe

How to make your event COVID safe

As we enter in to 2021 with the anticipation of the government relaxing the current restriction surrounding COVID-19 and events and mass gatherings. Many venues and organisations are starting to consider how can they make their event or festival COVID safe.

Here at MPM Wristbands we have a combined experience of over 40 years of event and festival management and have listed some points on how to help execute a COVID safe event or festival. Excluding the matter of rapid testing which is still up for debate amongst government officials there are some really simple and highly effective ideas that you can introduce to your event or festival.

Capacity Observation

Take a moment to consider your capacity over floor space or festival size, can you still safely accommodate your capacity under government COVID rules alongside any social distancing rules that might remain in place. Do you need to increase your floor space or can you adjust your risk assessment to include additional COVID safe factors to retain your capacity numbers or amend overall.

Sanitiser Stations

Sanitiser stations we anticipate will be a must and lets be honest, these should of been mandatory at festivals a long time ago. one product we have located is the, hand held foggers, portable foggers and fog guns. All designed for various purposes and can be implemented easily in to any festival or event.

Temperature Check COVID Wristbands 

Temperature check wristbands are a cost effective way to demonstrate that all your attendants have been temperature checked upon entry. They come in a selection of bright colours and can contain custom branding or instructions. These act as a great visual indicator delivering piece of mind to all.

Socially Distant COVID Lanyards 

One thing to remember is that maybe some of your attendants might still be nervous about being in a busy event or festival so it would be a good idea to offering them a socially distant COVID lanyard to help them feel at ease so others know to respect their personal space. Remember some attendants will need some positive support whilst at your event or festival so be prepared to offer it where ever possible.


Our Wristbands & Lanyards are manufactured in the UK with the environment in mind and are fully customisable. They are fantastic tools that will enable your event to run smoothly and add an element of COVID-19 safety without breaking your budget. British Manufactured Wristbands & Lanyards are a much better quality and produced a lot quicker. Make sure you ask your supplier where the products are made as most factories are abroad. We are based in sunny Wales. If we can help in anyway or you have some questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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