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Eco Friendly Festival Wristbands

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Our mission at MPM Wristbands is to become the number 1 environmentally friendly wristband manufacturer in the UK. Our R&D team have have spent a considerable amount of time designing and producing suitable eco wristbands and introducing schemes to help benefit the planet. So what makes us the No1 Eco Wristband Supplier in the UK?

First of all check out our eco products -

Eco Fabric Wristbands 

Over the last few years we spent some time trying to figure out how we can become more sustainable and eco friendly whilst still supplying event wristbands. Or even better, how could we still supply our wristbands, become more sustainable and more efficient.... After some months researching it became quite simple. We start manufacturing our own Eco Fabric Wristbands in house in sunny Swansea. This mammoth move came with significant costs and internal training but it was so worth it. We now have complete control over production, quality and turn around times whilst delivering a high end environmentally friendly Fabric Wristband. Our Eco Fabric Wristbands are made in Wales, The come with a significantly less co2 footprint, the locks can be recycled and are packed in recycled/recyclable packaging. We are super proud of this product and are seeing more and more of our customers choosing this over other wristband options.

rPET Fabric Wristbands


So a lot of our clients are always looking to make use of certain products or they are working on a "recycled only" policy. That means every consumable they purchase for their event  or festival must be purchased and made from a previous item. So how can this apply to a Festival Fabric Wristband? Well, welcome to rPET. rPET Festival Wristbands are made from recycled polyester. What is recycled polyester? Well let me tell you. Recycled Polyester (rPET Festival Fabric Wristbands) are manufactured from recycled plastic items - the type of items that go in your plastic bin at home - Bottles, bottle tops, pens shampoo bottles, fruit punnets... stuff like that. They are crushed, heated and then recycled in to rPET fabric. 

Now if you're thinking can we also supply Lanyards as an Eco Lanyard the answer is yes. Please see the product page for further information on Eco Lanyards.

Now on top of our rPET and Eco Festival Wristbands & Lanyards we also offer the following - 

MPM Wristbands has teamed with to help bring you a greener future! When you make a purchase with us, we will plant a tree in your name. All the trees planted in our Carbon Offsetting scheme are planted either by the Wildlife Trust nature reserve managers, woodland managers or supervised volunteers. We plant trees throughout England, Scotland and Wales, see woodland sites here: