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Wristbands to Face Shield Visors

During the Covid-19 crisis we have been faced with an extremely difficult situation. Events and festivals have been cancelled for at least 12 months. This puts us in a situation where we have no products to manufacture and supply to what would be our regular clients.

It became apparent that we had all the relevant software, machinery and materials to get to work and start manufacturing Face Shield Visors. The Face Shield Visor is an essential piece of PPE that's regularly used not just by front line and key workers but individuals in various industries around the world.

Our in house designers spent some time designing and developing our first Face Shield Visor which we scraped. Something simply wasn't right with it.... It was s simple construction made of only two components but we weren't 100% happy with it but all was not lost as it led us on to our current version - The Mark2.

The Mark2 version of The Face Shield is constructed using components we had on site from manufacturing other products we supply. The Face Shield Visor is made from a 0.5m clear PET material, Hypoallergenic Foam, 15mm polyester head strap with an adjustable clasp on the back.

We have purchased various other Face Shield Visors and honestly believe ours is the best quality and most comfortable you can buy. Many Face Shield Visors are sold without their BSI Class II classification. The BSI Class II Classification is the minimum PPE requirement for Face Shield Visors. Our Classification is currently pending and we hope to have it awarded in the next few weeks. Please watch this space for further updates and images to follow.