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How To Design A Charity Silicone Wristband

How To Design A Charity Silicone Wristband image

Many clients ask us, how should i design my charity wristband? The simple answer is put the kettle on and give one us a call, we'll have a good chat and then let us do all the heavy lifting. We love chatting, we love tea, we love wristbands and we love designing. So naturally designing your charity wristbands is something we love doing.

Things to consider when working on your charity wristband project. The first thing is the colour scheme, what are your brand or charities colours. It's crucial you introduce these so they follow your brand guidelines or any themes and campaigns you have running alongside the charity wristbands. Most brands will have a pantone reference number that matches each colour used. if you know this then awesome! if you don't, do not stress and we can find it.

The second thing to consider is your target market. Who are you selling the charity wristbands to? Men, Women, Children. The  gender and ages are very important because charity wristbands come in different sizes. We can manufacture your charity wristbands in many sizes or simply in one size. Please ask our design team about the various sizes of charity wristbands and we will be happy to run through them with you.

The third thing to consider is your social media and web presence. Many clients are quick to neglect the prime space that comes with a charity wristband. The charity wristband is not just a wristband, it's n advertising beacon creating awareness for your brand or campaign. Make sure you include any web links, social media icons and of course a hashtag where possible!

We appreciate that this might be a bit overwhelming so please feel free to call us and speak to our inhouse design team or event consultants who are on hand to discuss all things wristbands - 01792 425605.

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Many thanks, Team MPM Wristbands.